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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Spotted in Style: The Metropolitian Opera sponsered by YSL

Last night in NYC, stars shined(not all) as they graced the red carpet at the Metropolitan Opera opening of 'Armida'. I like the risk factor that some stars choose as they rid of the stuffy ballroom gown and over exaggerated poise and posture for down right style and attitude.
Yves Saint Laurent CEO Valerie Hermann turned heads in a fur wrapped YSL dress and flower back heels.
Patricia Clarkson choose to keep it a basic black and white for the event.
Ahhh..Ginny Goodwin dorned YSL as she choose to daringly walk the red carpet with electric blue Satin X front YSL heels and matching clutch. *thumbs up* Ginny from the block...ok!
Chloe choose to be mega cool, ultra chic and subtly sophisticated as she choose black YSL jumpsuit. The gloves really brought out the attire as did the red lipstick. With Chloe its either you love her or you disdain her choice of style and I've always LOVED her risk taking and unexpected style choices. I see you Chloe!!!

Mess of the Ball, Bette Midler in who cares...
SMH...Maggie. Why does she even bother coming? She looks so homely and frumpy :(
I'm sad for her...but her brother? JESUS of Nazareth that man is FINE!