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Saturday, March 6, 2010

For my Playboys

Gentleman, if you're over the age of 22, lets get rid of the Jordans, Dunks and Abercrombie sandals. If you wear skinny jeans, remove yourself from this site and DO NOT return until you stop wearing them. This is for men, not, as my friend Helen says, my little ponies and unicorns(I'll have a special section for ya'll later). This spring, its all about intertwining dapper and modern. These looks are crisp, clean and sexy as all hell. You'll definitely get noticed by the females and they'll come asking for YOUR number. You can mix and match these and the great thing about this style is making it all your own! With all of the above styles you can replace the dress pant with a nice jean and still make it stylish! I'll take it slow and ask only one thing that you do this spring and that is apply layers. All of these looks are by POLO...with them you can do no wrong. I'll post a more laid back look for the beginners.