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Friday, March 5, 2010


I am style. I am fashion. I follow trends while still being a trendsetter.

If you are not all of the afore mentioned, then you can kindly remove yourself from this site. This site is for present iconic style leaders, who make an impression as a historic fashion follower. This site is for the uninhibited, unbridled and invasive fashion mavens that know the number one rule of fashion is: "There is no rules nor parameters in fashion". Everyone has a style their own and we present the inside of ourselves, outside, for the world to see. How you pick your attire indirectly states who you are as a person, your mood, feelings and gives everyone a quick glance of who you really are, all without really knowing you.

What is your style? Post your style in one sentence...if its more than one sentence that's fine too! Don't stress yourself nor make a run on sentence that lasts a paragraph! lol

I'll start off so you can grasp and ascertain more of "me".

What is my style? My style is coarse but fine, soft yet brutish.

I attempt to coil a haute, luxurious world with a grungy, hood, urban world, thus equating to the name Urban E'lan.

What can you expect from this blog? Season trends, celebrity looks, whats hot and not and a lot in between. I would also LOVE for your honest input in all categories and please, please, please feel free to ask ANY and ALL styling questions. All I ask from you is to NOT be uptight, no close mindedness and lets have fun!

Oh how ill-mannered of me....My name is Chink aka Chinky aka Toquoya. My fashion portfolio is coming soon!!
"Oh no honey, I'm not GOD, just a fashion stylist"