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Friday, March 5, 2010

Spring 2010 is here are the top 10 things you MUST have!!!!

Spring is near and we're still wearing our Uggs(ladies please take those off when the temperature is over 55 degrees!!). This spring is full of print, pattern and stripes! Here are the Top 10 MUST haves:

1. Stripes- black and white are classic, but for the spring, try more colored stripes. Blue is a hot color this spring so try to add that to your closet and you'll be in!
2. Jumpers and Rompers- I love that this is going to be the newest trend this spring because I've been wearing them since last summer! Try a bold print with many clay and mauve colors! Dont worry, I have examples straight from the runway.
3. Blazers- Now don't go and catch a heat stroke trying to be fashionable! I'll show you a way to make this look summer-friendly.
4. Shorts- This spring, shorts are presented as being more classy and sophisticated. But we can easily turn this into a chic and funky urban look that'll bring that envious attention all of us mavens love! The hottest type of shorts this spring are fabric belted and bubble draped shorts. Try these types in a beige or navy blue color.
5. Capri dress pant- This look is on EVERY runway this spring! And you cannot be left behind! Dont be afraid to take a risk with these pants, you'll be making a fashion statement and soon everyone will follow!
6. Zip up dresses - This is ultra cute and chic! Try the mini with a loud top or wordy top.
7. Ruffles- Wait, let's not get ahead of ourselves with this one. This trend has a thin line between fashion genius and fashion FAIL! I'll show you how to rock it.
8. Electric Blue- Everything! From shorts to skirts and tops to dresses. This color is the hottest thing this spring and its a def must have.
9. Mini skirts- They're back and bolder and more artistic than ever. I've seen knots, scrunch, studded, striped and the list goes on and on. Grab one and match it with a lace tank and statement sandals and be out the door!
10. Large clutch bags- Alexander McQueen made an artistic masterpiece with his boldly patterned clutch from his spring 2010 line and now everyone is trying to catch up on this hot new style trend. Grab one and match it with a colorful ultra high heel.